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Savor Seasonally Inspired Sweets at Georgetown Cupcake

May 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

Here in DC or in any of the cities lucky enough to be included as one of their half-dozen locations, Georgetown Cupcake is synonymous with something delicious. If you somehow haven’t tried them for yourself, there’s no need to wait for your birthday or another special occasion—get your hands on one of these cupcakes as soon as you can.

To start, you might opt for one of their classic flavors, like the signature red velvet, chocolate ganache, or vanilla cupcakes. Or, you can try a daily special—or even come back each day for a week to treat yourself to a new sweet! Try Monday’s chocolate mint fudge, Tuesday’s lemon blossom, Wednesday’s chocolate hazelnut, Thursday’s key lime, Friday’s vegan apple cinnamon, and lava fudge and strawberry over the weekend. 

Prefer something different? Just take a look at the menu—it feels as though the combinations are limitless, combining daily and seasonal specials with classic favorites. For a special treat, be sure to browse their strategic assortments, combining an assortment of seasonal flavors in a group of a dozen cupcakes.