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Enjoy this Holiday Market Near Your Ansel Apartment

December 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

While there are tons of great small brick and mortars and even more giant commercial hubs to do your shopping in this holiday season, living in the heart of Washington D.C. gives you an opportunity for shopping to be a bit more fun- – try one of our festive Holiday Markets! Every year across the globe, Christmas Villages pop up in major cities, full of unique gifts and foods you can enjoy and give to your loved ones.

“Christkindlmarkts” started in Germany, but have become increasingly more popular in America over the past decade. Luckily for us, Washington D.C. has been ahead of the game and we have a very popular Holiday Market less than ten minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment.

Gaithersburg Holiday Art and Craft Festival – Located less than 15 minutes from your Ansel apartment, the Gaithersburg Holiday Art and Craft Festival is an partly-indoor market that was started last year to replace the popular Sugarloaf Craft Festival. They will have many of the Sugarloaf artists selling their amazing crafts, art, and gourmet food, so you’ll still be able to find your favorites from Christmases past.

For over 40 years, the holiday festival at Gaithersburg has taken place at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds every December, bringing hundreds of fine artists and crafters together with a loyal following of patrons ready to shop their goods. This event is perfect for tricky winter weather as it combines indoor/outdoor shopping experiences with a traditional indoor space, a charming barn space and an open-air outdoor venue.  With three different event areas along with the nation’s finest artists and crafters, the Gaithersburg Holiday Art and Craft Festival provides visitors with the ultimate festival experience for the holiday season.

Gaithersburg Holiday Art and Craft Festival

501 Perry Parkway

Gaithersburg, MD